Affiliate Committee Notes, October 2022 - RJ Baxter, Chair

Affiliate Committee Notes, August 2022



Affiliate Committee Notes, April 2022

The main focus of the meeting was strategies to get the word out about the upcoming May 19th MMAR Happy Hour.  Many ideas were proposed, and we came up with a plan of action.  We also discussed the possibility of an affiliate planned event in the future such as a bowling tournament or Halloween event.

Affiliate Committee Notes, February 2022

The Affiliates had their bi-monthly meeting on Feb 10th.  The meeting was well attended.  The main topic of discussion was initiating a MMAR happy hour.  We discussed ideas on how to organize it and decided quarterly was the right frequency to have them.  There is already a mixer planned for July with the Chamber, so we are planning for the first MMAR happy hour in April.  We formed a committee to work on the organization of these events.