May 2021 Government Affairs Committee Update

SB21-242- Housing Development Grants Hotels Tenancy Support Program-Transfers $15 million from the General Fund to the Housing Development Grant Fund within the rental assistance, tenancy support service programs and grants and loans to purchase underutilized hotels, and motels for temporary housing.

Legislative Policy Committee Position: Monitor

HB21-1261-Extend Beetle Kill Wood Products Sales Tax Exemption-Currently Wood Products made from salvaged Colorado trees that were killed or infested by the mountain pine or spruce  beetle are exempt from state sales and use tax.

LPC Position: Support

HB21-1260-General Fund Transfer Implement State Water Plan-Transfers $15 million  from the General Fund to the Water Pan Implementation Fund for water plan expenditures to insure compliance with interstate water compacts, equitable appropriation decrees, international and federal laws.

City Council Approves Licensing Program, Fees for Denver Landlords

Beginning in 2022, landlords will need to apply for per-parcel licenses on a four-year basis; they'll also need to hire third-party inspectors to check over their properties to make sure they comply with city guidelines. Landlords of multi-family rental dwellings will need to have their rental licenses approved by the beginning of 2023, while landlords of single-family rental units will need to have their licenses by the start of  2024.

Landlords must pay annual fees for each application that will vary depending on the size of a parcel. The application fee for a single dwelling unit will be $50, or $25 if the application is submitted before the beginning of 2024. After that, the license fee per year for such a unit will be $50.

April 2021 Government Affairs Committee Update

Colorado Legislature:

HB21-1134-Report Tenant Rent Payment Information to Credit Agencies. Tenants can now op in to have rent payments included in their Credit Reports. CAR favors this legislation to help improve credit worthiness of tenants. (It can also work against them)

SB21-072-Public Utilities Commission Modernize Electric Transmission Infrastructure-This bill would include grants for internet access, in addition to insuring the electric grid does not fall victim to the same problems Texas experienced earlier in the year. CAR is working to amend this bill so that utilities companies cannot utilize extraordinary eminent domain powers that are currently written in the bill. 

SB21-136-Sunset Forest Health Advisory Council. This bill would extend the Sunset Forest Health Advisory Council of 28 members at Colorado State University for another 4 years. This council currently advises the State Forester on forest health in Colorado. This advisory council would also help with wildfire mitigation. CAR is in support of this bill as forest health affects all areas of real estate ownership in Colorado, from clean air, recreation, and critical future wildfire management.

The Fairhaven Challenge is On!! 

Which MMAR brokerage will have the highest percentage of participants completing NAR’s Fairhaven interactive simulation? Win the Fairhaven challenge and your office will have the table of honor at the Hiwan Holiday Party in December, with free sponsorship and other surprises! Fairhaven uses storytelling to help you identify, prevent, and address discriminatory practices in real estate. There’s no cost for REALTORS®. And, It's easy, fast, and fun! Deadline is April 30. 2021.