April 2021 - Wildfire Committee Updates

1) We have been approved by CAR for a Colorado Project Wildfire Grant and the CARPAC Issue Mobilization Funds for:
$2,786 Local IM Funds to MMAR to sponsor the printing of Wildfire Preparedness Educational Brochures
$2,296.61 Colorado Project Wildfire Grant Funds to sponsor the printing of Wildfire Preparedness Educational Brochures
TOTAL = $5082.61 - Checks will be mailed to MMAR on Thursday. We will use these funds to pay for
the printing cost of our Rotary Wildfire Educational Brochures. We will have these at most Community Events - Chili Cook Off, Bailey Days, Conifer’s Elevation Celebration...etc.!

For all five brochures, go to https://simplebooklet.com/rotarywildfirereadybepreparedforwildfire
1) Harden your Home 2) Defensible Space, 2) Emergency Go Bag, 4) Home Assessment Checklist & Wildland Fire Assessment Program, 5) Ready, Set, Go & Wildland Fire Action Guide.
Rotary Wildfire Ready - Be Prepared for Wildfire
Rotary Wildfire Ready is a non-profit organization whose mission is to increase wildfire preparedness in our communities and help make our residents safer from the threat of wildfire.

2) Education Fire Truck:   Will be present at community events mentioned above, and Wildfire Committee members will be on hand to distribute the above brochures

3) CMAS classes:
CMAS 1 - June 2nd - 10am-12pm - Mountain Wildfire Safety and Mitigation - Core
CMAS 2 - June 9th - 10am-12pm - Home Assessment, Defensible Space - Core

4) Neighborhood Ambassadors:  We are just diving into seek neighborhood ambassadors - following Jackie White’s work that she has developed for The Homestead. Some other neighborhoods have already started.