A Guide to Choosing White Paint & Decorating with Shades of White

A generous dose of white give a fresh quality to a room, helping to boost light and enhance a sense of space. Elegant and timeless, white is the cornerstone of most decorating schemes. Here's how to use this palest shade – and its many tones...

Fresh, smart and light enhancing, white makes spaces feel stylish and uplifting – not to mention bigger. But it would be a mistake to think that choosing white paint is an easy option. Between the dazzlingly brilliant and softly pastel, there is a whole spectrum of variations to choose from, and getting it right can be just as tricky as opting for more flamboyant shades.  If you lean towards a restrained palette, white is likely to take center stage in your decorating scheme. But even if you're working with a colorful palette, it will probably stand out, perhaps on the ceiling or woodwork, or used to balance bright or bold colors or patterns. Learn more about style tips, choosing the right white, and much more by clicking here



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