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Tell Your Senator to OPPOSE HB-1115 and Save Affordable Housing


Because of your hard work, our association sent thousands of emails to their state representatives and made their voices heard in opposing the repeal of prohibiting local governments to enact rent control.  As a result, a legislator stated on the record that they received hundreds of emails in opposition of HB-1115.  Unfortunately, the Colorado House of Representatives passed HB-1115 and it is now headed to the Senate.  We need your help again. Click here to take action:

Please send a pre-written message to your state Senator, urging them to OPPOSE HB1115 and save affordable housing.

HB1115 would repeal the prohibition on local governments to enact rent control. This would create not only a patch work of ordinances throughout the state, but adverse outcomes by capping the ability for housing providers to set rent. This repeal would decrease development on new housing and reduce residential mobility, leaving sectors of Coloradans out of potential housing. 

The main driver of housing affordability challenges is a lack of supply. Rent control is a harmful policy that will create housing distress in our communities across the state in multiple ways. Today’s tenants would gain all the advantages of controlled pricing, but families and workers who are looking for a place to live and call home will find themselves locked out of housing opportunities because current tenants will be incentivized to stay in place. Limiting rent helps a select few at the expense of future generations. It’s effectively a policy void of equity across timeTAKE ACTION

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